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Hitch for the Past, Present and Future of the Agricultural Community and YOU


The Hitch name has long been an important one in the Oklahoma Panhandle.  To those in the know, it signifies true pioneering character; determination to forge a trail even in unknown and even adverse conditions. 


An integral part of this community since 1884 when James K Hitch drove a heard of longhorns through the area and started a legacy, Hitch Enterprises, Inc. today is a modern agricultural company consisting of 2 feedlots with a capacity of 111,000 head, a farrow to finish hog operation marketing 325,000 head per year, an agribusiness company, a livestock procurement company, hedging and risk management services, customer cattle financing, a cattle protein supplement mill, a centennial ranch and custom farming and in-house veterinary, nutrition, safety and environmental services.

Employing around 300 people, tomorrow's Hitch is being established today with cutting edge technology and an eye for human talent.  Our communication system is an amazing network constructed by an in-house computer department.  Feed callers are connected wirelessly from their trucks; feed bins are electronically monitored to determine capacity; feed programs are designed by company programmers with the input of our own nutritionist. 


Our future lies with our employees, people with an eye to the future and a pride in the job completed to the best of their abilities.  Our employees share a community spirit with the grit to make things happen.  Whether it is working production or in the board room, Hitch employees embody the pioneering qualities of drive and perseverance to improve the future.  In the end, it's our connection to the land and the people around us that lead us to constantly strive to better our community and our world that let's everyone know who we are and what we stand for.   


There is a quiet confidence to a Hitch employee.  You will be known as someone with an intense regard for the preservation of our industry, environment and community.  Challenging positions from production to accounting to management offer our employees the opportunity to make a difference.  And at the end of the day, we have the satisfaction of knowing our input is valuable to the company and our community.  When you are ready for everyone to know WHO you are, apply to Hitch and be prepared to become a part of a legacy.


Hitch Mission Statement:


"To produce the highest quality meat through teamwork and innovation, at a reasonable profit, while being conscientious stewards of people, animals, and the environment."